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Eudoxiu Hurmuzachi National College Rădăuți, Suceava, Romania, FOR A HEALTHY LIFE, Martie 2016 (2)

We are living in a time when we have hardships in all aspects of our lives. There are all kind of crisis and shortages in the world. Generation gaps get bigger and bigger. Our time is getting shorter, no body has time for the really important things, but every one wastes his energy, youth and talent. We are bent by our own pleasures, aggressive technology progress, comfort and lack of interest for what is happening around us.
I have believed for a long time, and I still believe, that only the food with a special taste worths to be consumed. Agriculture seemed to me something abstract and unbelievable. Why would you want to live in the countryside, plough and rise animals, if what you really want is an intelectual carreer? I found the answer imediately.
It is nice at the supermarket, isn’t it? All the products are nicely packed and there are a lot of discounts. It would be a pity to go home without buying anything.
Sometimes we read the labels but we easily ignore „the signs” which show us the chemicals found in the products for the sake of flavour. But is it the real taste of the products? Do we not consider the taste over the quality? Living this way, are we able to have as a long life as our grandparents? Shouldn’t we worry about all the illnesses in young adults and children? Are our parents the only responsible for all of these? We shouldn’t judge our parents for this. I would talk about our poor nourishment, but I would also like to talk about agriculture because it is the place from where the staff of life comes.
Capitalism, which is focused on intensive production and controling the resources, is based on man’s wish and power to always reach his limits. Nowadays barely can you see someone who works on the fields with the horses and the spud. Farm equipments not only make farmer’s work easier but also help them work faster.
Then we should take a look at the water resources in which we inverst. We install irrigation systems, we chose the most productive hybids for a specific agricultural area and after analyzing the properties of that soil, we add the elements that are missing by using chemical fertilizers so that we have a rich hearvest. It is all about money, investment and profit. Few people do really care about how chemical fertilizers are going to affect the soil, water, air.
There are also the ecologists who are not interested in massive production but high quality products. There is, indeed, a slight difference of quality in that products, but even the experts consider that it is impossible for any product to be 100% ecological.
In the past, the progress of science was not so carelessly. Unfortunately, recent scientific discoveries are not very prudent. So what is going to happen with us or our offsprings? Pollution is spreading everywhere. The process of poisoning the planet is like a well controlled genocid.
The nature that God created and let us take care of, started to rebel against the human beings for the abuses that man did. The climate is changing, the resources are dimishing, the work became easier but death is bear down on us. It is important that us take action. We should rather take care of our gardens instead of exploiting the outer space to extent the network of satelites for the online social networks. We should be aware of the danger of overusing chemical fertilizers. Digging with a spud is more difficult, of course, but it is less harmful for the enviromnent than herbicids. If you chose to use the chemical products in order to finish your work faster, you will have more free time to spend on the internet for vitual friendships or movies, but your health and body will suffer.
Our bodies are not able to adapt to the current level of pollution. This is the root of the most problems in our lives. So we should chose to live a well balanced, simple and healthy life.
Team: Greeny Teeny
Student Teodora Fedoreanu, class XI G,
Coordinating teacher: Cornelia Hatnean,
Eudoxiu Hurmuzachi National College Rădăuți, Suceava, Romania


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