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Scoala Gimnaziala "Mihai Eminescu", Roman, STOP - waste food!, Martie 2017




Age category: 11-14

Name of Author: Petrea Andreea/Pintilie Anca

Coordinator: Ciomârtan Emilia





Food waste is a global issue. Purchasing foods are often unduly, even abusive I say, and because of faulty planning and wrong storage end, unfortunately, by being thrown in the garbage bins. This should be taken into account because food is an exhaustible source of food, and when it will end, life will be very expensive, or it will end. Every day, thousands of bins are full beyond measure food, often unopened, because of ignorance and negative mentality of the population. The food we waste, others do not have, but they would like, but many of us do not realize this, we just turn our village, city, country in a huge pit is even more serious gunoi.Problema due to packaging, the products are wrapped, which lead to pollution of the environment of the planet. Every second we see many cans, plastic bottles and packaging various plastic and metal find their place in nature, already weakened. The biggest waste is carried in stores because their managers acquiring a quantity of food too high, and after expiry of merchandise is thrown or worse is donated to hospitals, boarding schools, restaurants and most of the time consumers reach hospital due to food poisoning. Food waste in their own family is a well known fact that can be avoided by: planning purchases, check the expiry date, keeping food as instructed.



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