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Colegiul National "Eudoxiu Hurmuzachi", Radauti, Homeless animals, Martie 2017




Age category: 15-18

Name of Author: Juravle Tabita Gabriela

Coordinator: Hatnean Cornelia





 “If you take a hungry dog and feed it, it won’t bite you. This is the biggest difference between a dog and a human.” – Mark Twain. The words of Mark Twain also apply in reality most of the time.

Often, we go on the street and see a stray dog. Most of us won’t even notice it. There are some who would hurt it, but there are also people who would help it, even though nowadays there are really few.

To many, it seems an insignificant thing that somewhere out there, these little animals suffer every day. The harsh truth is that most of these animals suffer from hunger and some even die from this cause. Some end up at the pound, but the end is most of the time the same. Another way these animals leave us is by being turned into roadkill. Most people are overwhelmed with sadness when they see a stray animal wandering aimlessly, but few are aware that they can do certain things to avoid such situations. Like we can offer a warm pretzel to a homeless human, we could help a stray animal. Make a small gesture and change the life of such an animal!

You don’t know how to help such an animal? Simple! You just have to want to help. There are a lot of organizations, associations and groups whose purpose is to save homeless animals, give them a home and a better life. Another way would be adopting them as pets which is not at all expensive. Au contraire, a survey shows that owning a pet is beneficial for people’s health, reduces stress and other problems.

Don’t be so indifferent. When you see an animal on the street, try to look in its pain-filled eyes and to understand that you too can help them, you can give them what is everything to them. In turn, it will give you friendship, loyalty and love that most animals show.

“The dog: the only living thing that took the vocation of friendship to perfection.” – Vasile Ghica 





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