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Scoala Gimnaziala "Bogdan Voda", Radauti, Street is not trash!, Martie 2017




Age category: 11-14

Name of Author: Siminiuc Maria

Coordinator: Hatnean Cornelia




Wherever you go, any time of the day, you can find on the street garbage (and not only) thrown randomly. Every part of a whole makes a Domino game, such as the effects of the people’s neglect, the abandon of the animals on the street, but also not storing he garbage lead to disastrous effects for the community, for the world we live in. The animals are forced to take care of themselves, looking for food in the garbage and spread it. They also take lots of microbe, often become bearers if they are not treated. Unfortunately, most of the times they get in contact with children, and these forget about the rules of hygiene.

The animals, even if they are not guilty by the situation they live in, they transmit the microbe into the environment, by transforming It into a real source of infection.

It’s not their fault! It’s us, by being unconscious, superficial, indifferent!

These are only a few aspects concerning the way the human being degrades his health and then blame different factors, made also by him…Everything that was written before can be due just because of a simple packaging thrown randomly. Yes!, it seems harmless and unfortunately the majority gives a cosmetic appearance of this information today, tomorrow and one week later. A simple packaging is enough to destroy everything!

Instead of throwing, let’s be conscious and put that packaging is a special place.

We can write hundreds of pages about this, but words and pages are not enough to change something, if our facts don’t contribute to it. Let’s have some time to look around and realize where we are…..this situations is not favorable for us all.

Let’s pick up the garbage, even if “ It wasn’t me!”




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