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When we keep the environment clean, we are automatically taking care of it and at thesame time, of the air we need so we can breathe!
Team: Natura_10C
Student: Claudiu Gafencu, class X C
Coordinating teacher Ioana Ducra,
“Eudoxiu Hurmuzachi” National College Radauti, Suceava, Romania



We should clean our mind and soul… but especially the evironment to give a chance not just us, but our descendants.
If we are good, and we take care of the earth, it will take care of us as well!
Team: Natura_10C
Student: Georgiana Grigoraș, class X C
Coordinating teacher Ioana Ducra,
“Eudoxiu Hurmuzachi” National College Radauti, Suceava, Romania


We humanscreate. We made rockets toreachspace. Weinvented the microscopetodiscover what we are made of. But it is strange and yet true that we could not step up special areas for posting posters or advertisements.
Why dotreeshave to bearour indifferencewhen it comes tothe little things? Whynatureshould bewitnessestoour lack ofcivilization?
We muststand upfornature tonot behit by our convenience.Trees are notadvertising panels!
Team: Green Revolution
Age Category: 15-18 years
Student Adina Ioana Gheletiuc, class XI E,
Coordinating teacher: Liviu Hatnean,
Eudoxiu Hurmuzachi National College Rădăuţi, Suceava, Romania
The Genie of the Place
Age Category: 11-14 years
Name of Author: Simion Daria Stefania, Simion Iasmina Maria – Eco Patrol
I’m sitting here, watching over my world. Look to the left- nature. Breathe. Smell, see, hear. Take your energy from here.
Look to the right. Civilisation. A man-made world blending in with nature.
Look up. The Universe. The clouds bringing rain, the Sun, bringing warmth. The wind and the sun bringing energy.
Look down. The nourishing earth. Giving us everything. Our mother. Our planet.
And I am here, in the middle of all this. Taking care everything is safe, in good order.
Carelessness kills!
Because of the trash thrown randomly, animals might get hurt, or even worse, we will suffer, too. That's the reason why we should think twice before throwing garbage anywhere. Bottles, wrapping paper and other things can be recycled in order to be used again. It is up to us to do the change!
Eco Team 3
Berejovschi Anamaria (14 years old)
Coordinating teacher Cosovanu Natalia
Middle school „Bogdan Vodă” Rădăuți
Everything around us is nature, but it’s only enemy is human being. We are capable of anything to mark our territory, in order to have an impact upon all. 
But nature is not our property, nature is not one with which we have to compete, because if we see everything as a competition the nature will always but always win!
Age Category: 15-18 years
Name of author: Mădălina Cristiana Trufin
This plant has been growing from cement. It faced the bad natural conditions: ice, snow, very hot temperature. Despite the facts it haven’t gave up, it has grew up to see the sun. If this plant could do such a thing, why we couldn’t keep only our environment clean? We are supposed to be the one with the conscience, the conscience of keeping our surrounding clean.
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Author: Bocăneţ Rareş Mihail, 15 years old
School: Palatul Copiilor, Bacău, Romania
Coordinator: Teacher Dumea Nela




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