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Romanian village seen through children's eyes


Age Category: 11-14 years








Cleaning up the river Râșca


Age Category: 11-14 years




We all know that we like to breathe clean air and to admire the beauties of nature, but day by day it becomes more and more degraded.We walked along the river and noticed that Rasca river is becoming increasingly dirty water and so are its shores.

More likely unaware of the danger, some inhabitants of this village throw domestic waste in the water (PET, glass, household waste), despite the fact that they have been warned.

Due to the snow melting, of rain, all impurities from the waste flowing into the river, causes negative effects on fauna, flora and groundwater.

CONCLUSION: The author Wants to draw the attention to the local authorities, the inhabitants of this village, being the responsibility of us all for a clean environment and a healthy life. This is a solution in time, the advantage lies in waste reduction and recycling









Age Category: 11-14 years

Name of Author: PAVĂL MARIA





Peace and quiet from plane wings!
Age Category: 11-14 years
Name of Author: TUDOR ŞTEFAN




“George Enescu” International Airport Bacau has been in operation since 1 April 1946 and is located at 500 m from the southern residential districts. Air traffic implies the landing and taking off of a minumum of 5 planes per day, as well occasional military flights amounting to 90 aircraft movements a day.
Airport vicinity causes serious discomfort to residential areas considering that a plane generates noise levels of 106 dB. Airplane-caused noise exceeding 45 dB represents a stress factor to persons constantly exposed to it. Studies indicate that residents living near airports are 50% more at risk for heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure and dementia.
This discomfort can be reduced in building acoustic barriers between airports and inhabited areas, by treating buildings for sound absorption, using low noise emission aircraft, creating landscape noise barriers, optimizing airline routes and reducing the frequency of night flights.   


In the middle of technology

In the following photography we can see how Mother Nature doesn’t let people’s indifference bring her down and sends her ‘soldats’ in the Great War of Pollution. So, the fragile plant was constrained to fight with that random thrown keyboard for win its place on the Earth. Even if the technology seems to be an unchallengeable force, it looks like the plant succeded, making itself place between the pieces of the keyboard. However, we could help the environment to avoid this stupid battle for survival if we would throw the trash correctly and won’t be so rude with it. Let’s remember, the nature isn’t our enemy!

Author: Nechifor Elena-Georgiana

Age: 17 years

School: Bacau Children’s Palace

Coordinator: Teacher Dumea Nela

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A useful waste!
The big empty water bottles that have already been used are many in our family. The local administration of my city has found a new method to reuse these water bottles. In this picture it shows how they proceeded: they cut the bottle’s bottom part and by using the top, they make a protective coating for the winter for the roses planted with some time before. So their due, the rose will survive of the winter and our lovely city will look better, will be greener and full of life.
Author: Vizitiu Alin
Age: 13 years old
School: Palatul Copiilor Bacau
Coordinator: teacher Nela Dumea
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Threat to the beauty
The Red Lake is the only geothermal lake in Romania. Its unique name comes from a popular story, very well known by everyone who visited it at least once. Once upon a time, a shepherd was with his sheep in a ravine, when a massive rock broke from the mountain and fell over them. After many years, when water came in, it would be coloured in red from the sheep’ and shepherd’s blood.
Ain’t it ironic how even in such a heritage place we see litter? The fact that the demeanor of an uneducated invidual can disturb a whole ecosystem terrifies me. The duck from the photo certainly is facing plastic in her playground for the first time.
What can you do?
You can redeem the bad that has been done.
You can spread the word and persuade others to respect the environment.
It is up to you.
Author: Tanasov Andrei, 17 years old
School: Children’s Palace Bacau
Coordinating teacher: Dumea Nela
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