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Man- tree symbiosis
Age Category: 15-18 years
Name of Author: Tanasov Andrei


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Whenever I see trees torn to pieces by mankind, I ask myself how it was possible for people to get along so well with trees in prehistoric times. People would always consider a blessing everything the environment provided them with. Nowadays, we take it for granted, and, worse, we destroy what the planet offers us.

What is different from then and now? Perhaps the technology evolved so much that it made us forget about what really matters. Green leaves in a concrete jungle are so hard to find in the modern times…
Should we go back to the primordial state and leave every innovation from the last thousands of years behind, or should we learn and accept to protect the trees around us? It is up to us to decide, as soon as possible, while our planet still loves us.
Author: Tanasov Andrei, 17 years old
School: Children’s Palace Bacau
Coordinating teacher: Dumea Nela
Fundulea, a land of … dreams
Age Category: 15-18
Name of Authors: Tancu Laura, prof.Marinescu Paula


Fundulea, a land of dreams … where the plains embrace the hills, and the necklace of lakes gives the area grandeur. The beauty of the view is diminished by litter thrown out by people. The vegetation battles with plastic bottles and paper tossed out randomly.
It is a shame that we don’t appreciate our motherland and we knowingly destroy the beauty of nature.
Some young people try by personal example, to set things right that have been ignored by its residents…


Go green, please !
People visiting Cacica ,famous for its verdant landscapes and picnic spots, are forced to smell and see the heaps of garbage lying scattered everywhere in the area.
Wastes such as plastic bottles, leftovers of food items and plastic bags are thrown mostly by tourists and those visiting the place for picnic .It’s high time we did something !Let’s go green and take care of the environment !
Age Category: 11-14 years
Name of Author: Demediuc Rares,
”Ion Creanga “ School ,Suceava ,Romania


The Earth is alive !
Age Category: 11-14 years
Name of Author: Iacoban Matei
Despite the hardest conditions ,The Earth shows us that it is alive. Let’s try not to poison,pollute,destroy or burn it. Keep the Earth clean and safe ! Cherish it -it’s the only home we’ve got !
Iacoban Matei,”Ion Creanga “ School,Suceava,Romania
Lake Bicaz-S.O.S. !
Lake Bicaz from Romania is a beautiful landscape ruined by plastic waste.Guilty of this calamity are the inhabitants of the villages in the area bordering the Lake and from the municipalities situated along the Bistrita Valley who throw plastic waste in major and minor gravel beds of the waters.Only an early ecological education might change this terrifying reality.
Stefan Fodor,”Ion Creanga” School,Suceava, Romania
Age Category: 11-14 years


Eco Power Team


Age Category: 15-18 years

Name of Author: Petcuta Ivona Sorina





If you teach your kids to protect the planet, they will teach your grandchildrens to do the same thing so the planet will protect the future generations.
Team The Black Rose
Student Diana Estera Ozarchevici, class XI G, age 17,
Coordinating teacher Liviu Hatnean,
Eudoxiu HurmuzachiNational College Radauti, Suceava, Romania



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