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Scoala Gimnaziala "Acad. M. Voiculescu", Giurgiu, Activitati, Decembrie 2015

Objective: Raising awareness and responsibility of the school, students, parents, local community regarding the influence that eating has on the population and on the environment.
Aims: 1. Understanding of the concept of responsible food consumption taking into account its influence on the environment
2. changing our eating habits for the better so as not to represent a danger neither for population nor for environment
Date of the activity: 10th of December 2015
Organisers: 10 teachers, 8 students
Participants: 240 (directly), 960 (indirectly)
Other direct participants: the School Eco Committee, 52 teachers, 50 students, the school management, school teachers – 9, parents representatives – 5, parents 50, grandparents 10, the mayor of Giurgiu city, Niolae Barbu, the Direction for Consultancy, Education, Culture and Sport representatives (Giurgiu City hall), the School Inspectorate representatives, the Agency for Environmental Protection representatives, CCD Giurgiu representatives, the Students Committees representatives of all the town schools, local TV networks(GTV, Muntenia TV, Valahia TV)
Total number of participants: 1420
Media coverage and other materials: facebook https://www.facebook.com/manancaresponsabilamv, www.ccdg.ro site, local tv networks
Activity description:
Given the fact that our wish and the students’ as well was to involve all the school students in this activity, we looked for a complex way of approach and we set the following schedule:
8-10 – each class prepared a “surprise product” for the exhibition (in charge – the Eco committee)
10-12 – “The food pyramid” made by the 1st E grade, in charge teacher Niculescu Steliana
10 – “The lunch break” – a survey regarding the food eaten by the students during school breaks – made by grade 4th D; in charge – teacher Togoe Petra
8-12 – exhibition entitled “From the family pantry” – all classes; in charge – teacher Furtuna Popa Cecilia
8-12 – Exhibition of drawings, collages, objects made of recycable materials- all classes – in charge teachers Tudorache A, Botoroaga E, Cristea V, Andrei m.
11,30- 12 – Welcoming guests in our CDI room, in charge librarian Petcu M, the president of the Eco committee Paun Bianca, chief- photographer Nitu Adriana
12, 00 - Opening of the activity – singing the Eco anthem, grade 4th E, in charge teacher Furtuna Popa
12,05- 12,15 – The presentation of “The food pyramid”, grade 1st E, in charge Niculescu S
12,15- 12,30 – Fruits and vegetables carnival, the preparatory grade D, Opris F.
12,30 – 12,45 – “From the wheat grain to the fresh baked bread” activity prepared by grade 3rd B, PPT presentation, teacher Ivan L
12,45 – visiting the exhibition containing “surprise dishes” and choosing the favourite product by granting it 10 points
13,00 – closing the activity – setting the winning products
15,00 – “The snack break” – survey concerning the food eaten by the secondary level students during school breaks – made by the students of 7th C grade – in charge teacher Tanase I.
- Older students have done leaflets presenting the project’s theme and logo, as well as advice for responsible food consumption. They spread them in the school and local community. They also made invitations for this event.
Outcome, impact; participants’ impressions
The activity went on as programmed. We had a great number of guests, participants, people eager to involve and help. The materials and the programs which were prepared have deeply impressed the audience, their opinions and impressions being recorded by the local TV networks. The traditional dishes coming straight from the family’s pantry were sold and the raised funds will be used to offer fruits for the upcoming holidays season to a children foster care house.
The funniest foods were awarded diplomas. The results of the “packed lunch” survey were recorded both for primary and for secondary level, and in May 2016this survey will be repeated in order to measure the results of the project’s implementation. After watching the presentation “ From the grain to the fresh baked bread” the students grasped the efforts that a lot of people make for us to have our daily bread, let alone they have understood which kind of bread is better for us to eat, as well as which is the most appropriate quantity to eat on daily basis for our good health.
The food pyramid made both adults and children to reflect.
The whole school anwered to our call on action, each and every person getting actively involved in the good progress of the activity. Finally, we hope that our hard work and enthusiasm to have great results.
Coordinator: Togoe Petra
Furtună-Popa Cecilia
School: Gymnasial school Academician Marin Voiculescu Giurgiu

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